Reconciling CCB Remittance Advice


In a childcare service, a claim for government money is made on behalf of parents through the CCMS system.  E.g. CCB, CCR.

After attendance records have been sent to CCMS for processing they are then typically processed within one or two days, yet can take up to 14 days.   Typically if sent on Friday they will be processed by Tuesday the following week.  Payment is then made through the Reserve bank system and typically takes one day for CCB and two days for CCR payments.  Again these times are typical for the CCMS but may take up to 14 days!

When a payment is made a remittance advice is emailed to the service showing the total of all claims recently made.  This total will typically include last week’s attendance records and some previous attendance records that were sent late or cancelled (due to a correction) and resent.


Reconciling CCB

The total amount received is a lump sum payment and the remittance advice received does not provide the details.  The remittance advice provides a “Clearing Number” and this can be used to find out the line by line details that make up the payment.

The Query Clearing Number has a total on the bottom and this equals the amount of money received.  If it does not then this should be reported immediately to the CCMS Help Desk as your Parent Accounts may not be accurate till fixed.  The CCMS run a midweek process to correct any clearing numbers that may fall into this category.

Once you have “Queried” the Clearing Number you can go line by line and check that CCB and CCR items appears on the Parent Account.  Using the Austral CCMS software this is easily done as the report contains a link that when clicked on will take you immediately to the attendance record in question.  On the Attendance record all payment details are displayed (i.e. $amount, date created, date processed etc.). Then it is only one click away to display the parents account to check further.

This report and processes provide a means of providing solid proof to the ATO and DEEWR that monies received have been correctly allocated to Parent’s Accounts.


Remittance Advice and Parents Accounts

Austral CCMS provides a report showing what monies are owed by the parents.  It details the full fee, the CCB and CCR amount and the “gap” to be paid.  This report is provided for those who are processing the accounts by “Accruals” (not cash) and to answer the question “What is my income?”

In a perfect world the expected amount reported for CCB/CCR would be exactly the same as the amount received from the Government in the remittance advice.

If it is not the same amount, then consult  the “Query Clearing Number” report for the following reasons:


Reason Action
Not all of the attendance records for the week where sent at the same   time. A further payment will be received latter.
Some attendance records have not been submitted to the CCMS yet Check Attendances
Some attendance records failed to process and need correcting Correct and resend
  •   The payment contains other items such as
    • Cancelled attendance records for any week with   CCB/CCR monies recovered i.e. negative amount.
    • Attendance records just processed from an   earlier week
    • Enrolment money advanced.  Caused by enrolment of a new child.
    • Enrolment money deducted. Caused by a child   leaving the service.
    • Other payment   from other government department.
    • CCR payments may come a day later than CCB   payments as they are processed through another Government department system.
    • For any reason a parents information changes and   causes an adjustment in CCB or CCR. In this period or in a previous week   going back sometimes a year or more until the parent has completed their tax   return.
    • Etc.


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