Don’t get caught claiming too much $CCB from the CCMS!

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claim deniedAuditors are now looking at carrying out spot checks targeting attendance claims that have been incorrectly lodged or tampered with. It is really important to stay abreast of the rules and regulations set out by Deewr to save your service from having to pay back over claimed CCB. The service handbook is available at and it is recommended that a copy is available for all administrators for a go to guide.

The hot topic going around the industry is artificially inflating your fees then discounting after the Child Care Benefit (CCB) has been paid. This method has been carried out by a number of services across Australia and even some software providers have added it as a feature. Don’t fall in to this trap! Although it seems that you are doing the parents a favour, you may end up paying the price. Some services are inflating fees for parents who are claiming JETS/JFA so the service can get more CCB back.  If your service is picked to be audited, the auditor will check to see if the fees charged are the same for everyone (within your pricing structure) and if not, you will need to repay all the CCB incorrectly claimed.  This is a nightmare for Family Day Care services where the money has been given to the educator and the CCB needs to be clawed back the scheme operator then is out of pocket many thousands of dollars as the CCMS will take the money back out of your next CCB/CCR payment!

It is important to:-

  • Ensure you don’t discount after the CCB has been paid.  (Even if your software allows you too.)
  • Ensure you charge the same full time fee to all children in the same group (room).
  • In Family Day Care ensure the parents are paying the gap of the full fee less CCB or any other government benefit to the Educator

For more information on fee discounting, click the following link. CCMS Fact Sheet 14 – Fee discounting

If you find yourself in any of the above situations please call the CCMS help line on 1300 667 276 and ask them about how to apply the regulations correctly.

If you require further help or don’t feel confident in your CCMS lodgements, Austral Cloud provides a support line for those who are in a spot of bother. Click here to choose a package to suit your needs and lighten your load!

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