Austral Cloud is excited to roll out an amazing Xero add on partner…

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Deputy Icon


Deputy is the all-in-one, web-based solution that simplifies rostering, timesheets, tasking and communication.

Although Xero has a wonderful inbuilt payroll system, we have found a product that goes the extra mile to add on to Xero and meet Docs requirements. Are you interested in a fully integrated Rostering, Timesheet machine? With a number of services now taking this fantastic payroll system on board, we are happy with how the product works for the childcare industry and can now say “Have a go”!

Deputy takes care of:

  • Rostering- Find available staff , create and publish rosters for them in minutes.
    Deputy’s rostering tool also takes into account overlaps and training experience.
    Notify your staff of their shifts via SMS, email or the Deputy mobile app.
  • Annual Leave, RDO’s, Sick Leave etc
    Timesheets are created automatically when employees start and end their shifts with Deputy. If there is a variation in the time worked, you can either approve, revert to roster or manually update.
  • Employee Login
  • Data Transfer – Transfers data to all leading accounting packages
  • Employee Availability – Staff can give you their availability. When rostering for OOSH for example you know who can work what days. It will block out AL/RDO’s etc and you can choose from other available staff.
  • MULTIPLE ENTITIES UNDER ONE LOGIN – This is a huge plus!
  •  Kiosk or smart phone app – you can choose to set up an I-Pad/Computer Kiosk or Staff can use their smart phones to clock in and out. (only available for iphones, but Android launch is just around the corner!)
  • In-built geo-location technology – see where employees have started and stopped their shifts. You even have the option to take a photo upon sign in/out
  • Assign tasks to team members to carry out through the employee portal

All of this for only $1 per employee per week! Think about how long it takes for you to add up all of those timesheet hours! For $1 per employee, let Deputy take care of your rostering and timesheets!

Don’t just trust us, click here  to see all of Deputy’s amazing Features.

Xero Knowledge Update – User Levels

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Did you know that Xero has the benefits of multi level access roles? All businesses whether large or small have a hard time keeping their accounts secure. With Xero you can choose a number of access levels for team members and extended team members i.e. Accountants, Payroll Clerk etc.

If you have a look at the screen shot below, you can see a number of user levels.
Xero details page

A Payroll Clerk can have no rights to the software at all except for payroll by clicking the “Payroll Admin” button.

A silent partner or director may only have “Read Only” access.

You may have an administrator that can do the lot or only parts of the account keeping process.

Your accountant or bookkeeper may have the “Financial Advisor” access to be able to keep your accounts in line.

This is just another great function that Xero has to offer.

Want to know more about Xero? Click here to watch the Xero demonstration Videos.

Managing your personal expenses

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When planning your personal finances, it doesn’t matter what age you are, there is always something on the horizon that you either need to save for or need to budget for. Maybe it’s an extended overseas trip, a first property or another investment property. Or maybe you are setting yourself up to start a family. Whatever the occasion, what is your approach to budgeting for this new or current venture?

There are a number of free and low cost software programs and apps out there that you can use to watch your spending, but do you know how to use them efficiently? A lot of these apps require you to enter all of the transactions manually and let’s face it, we get excited and do this for about a week! I personally had all of my expenses in a spreadsheet for a number of years until I found the Xero software for personal expenses. This software is amazing! You link your bank accounts, credit cards, loans to it and it pulls in all the transactions for you to allocate. It isn’t a free app though, it is $49 per year but for someone who needs to manage their expenditure, this pays for itself time and time again with it’s automatic bank feeds and memorised transactions! Plus at the end of the year, all of your financial information is ready to hand over to the accountant!

With this handy piece of technology, you can compare your actual expenses against your budget and track how you are going. There are a number of reports that you can generate to see where you can make adjustments to your expenditure and also see where you are saving money!

You may ask, why is this relevant for me? I’m not operating a business. But think about the fact that if you have an investment property or share portfolio, you can control your incomings and outgoings and forward plan for your next business venture, investment or leisure activity!

app-trackmyspendFor those who want a more basic app, a great free one is an ASIC app called Track My Spend. You can find a lot of information and handy calculators from the Money Smart site. Have a look at

If you would like more information about Xero personal finance software, setting up a budget for your household or setting up your accounts for your business, we would love to help you get on track!

If you feel that it is time to get a financial planner or accountant involved, send through an email and we can recommend some great resources to manage or increase your financial strategy. A great place to start is Delta Financial Group. They have a really informative blog that gets you thinking about the strategies for your financial future, go to

Handy resources from the Fair Work Ombudsman

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DogIf you would like to keep on top of your Payroll and Human Resources rights and obligations, the Fair Work Ombudsman site is a great place to start.

You can get information on how to set up your payroll systems, award rates, what your rights as an employer and what your employee’s rights are. This is also a great place to get a whole range of templates i.e. Timesheets, Employee Information etc.

The Fair Work Ombudsman also has a newsletter subscription that you can sign up for. This is a great way to keep abreast of any changes in policies as well as being reminded of various rulings. The newsletter is written in a way that is easy to understand and apply which is always a breath of fresh air!

To have a look at this handy tool, go to or click here to go to the newsletter.

Payroll can be one of those tasks that is unbearable, especially if you don’t have a user friendly accounting software. If you require help with your payroll systems or just want someone to do it for you, give the friendly team at Austral Cloud a call on (02) 9939 0990 or email


Shoes, Cloud Computing and the CCMS

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Firstly let’s explain Cloud Computing.   It is using somebody else’s computer to get the work done for me.  You access the computer using the internet and where it is physically is not such a big issue (must be Australia still!) and hence we talk about it being in the clouds.

So what is the advantage to you?Cloud question

Old traditional “CCMS software” only interacts or does something when you push a button on your local office computer.

Older CCMS software suppliers have copied their software and made an internet version in an attempt to catch up, but have failed to see the greater potential of having the system do most of the work for you, not just when I click on a button.  But do we want just “sensible shoes” or shoes with sense AND Fashion.

That is why we say that using a copy of “software” to access the CCMS is like buying the latest shoes (Cloud Computing) but matching it with last season’s dress (old CCMS software)

Unlike your office computer and its software, the Austral Cloud Computer is connected to the CCMS all day and all night.

This means you’re saving time  while you’re at home sleeping your Austral Cloud Computer service is working for you. :-

  • Updating your child enrolment records, e.g.  CCB percentage changes.
  • Collecting all CCB/CCR payments and updating the parents account
  • Asking the CCMS for the latest Attendance records processing then updating your records.
  • Collecting any monies from parents due today and updating accounts for you.



cccNo longer are you bound to one place to do your work.  Like Internet Banking you can login from anywhere using highly safe encryption and work from anywhere and anytime.



The cost savings come because you are only using a small portion of this very fast computer and its very fast internet connection to the various government departments i.e.  CentereLink, DEEWR, FaCSIA.

You only pay a small subscription and get all of your IT support done for you includingreduce-cost

  • Regular upgrades, no software to load and no need to call in a computer person
  • Backups done for you  (must be in Australia)
  • If you have problem with a computer then simply login from another one.


Try the shoe

Many shoesYou can try Cloud Computing without having to swap out your entire wardrobe.  Simply trial Austral CCMS with as little as one child (while maintaining your current look).   Before you buy, try on the shoe for size and judge for yourself…   looking good!







* CCMS stands for Child Care Management System and is provided by the government for a child care business to claim CCB(Child Care Benefits’) and CCR(Child Care Rebate) monies from the government to help pay for parents child care fees.


Five must ask questions when finding a bookkeeper…

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Have you ever noticed that when you are looking to buy a new car, you see the exact model you want more than ever? Or perhaps you think about someone in particular and then their name pops up all around you.

Last month, I was asked if Austral Cloud outsources clients’ bookkeeping overseas because we use online accounting software. It’s not something I would ever consider, but due to the benefits of cloud computing, it is now easier to do business this way. Upon investigation, I was shocked about the amount of bookkeeping work that is being sent offshore by bookkeeping practices whether the clients knew or not. I had heard of this happening in other industries but had no idea to what extent it is happening in the financial industries.

shocked ladySo another week or so went by and I was meeting with a new client to set up their accounts. I took one look at their accounts and was mortified. This was my first encounter with the work of an outsourced “bookkeeper”. Unbeknown to my client, her accounts were being sent offshore by an Australian bookkeeping practice. It was a total mess and it took hours to fix what was done. Thankfully we had got on top of it sooner rather than later!

There are practices that are very transparent about the work going overseas and charging less on the bookkeeping fees, but then there are those that are sending the work overseas and not telling the client and pocketing the difference. The problem with both methods is that if a trained professional is not keeping track of essential compliance and reporting i.e. BAS’s and Superannuation, it may be costing you a lot more in the long run.

The upside is, there are some really great bookkeeping practices out there! Just make sure that you do your research and ask the following questions;

  1. Are my books being taken care of onsite within Australia?
  2. What is the qualification of the person managing my books? Must be a minimum of Cert 4 in accounting.
  3. What is your BAS Agent number?  Check the validity at the Tax Practitioners Board
  4. What professional body are you a member of? Recognised BAS Agent associations.
  5. Do you have professional indemnity insurance? What amount does this cover you for? The minimum cover for a small business is $250k. Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you are not sure if you are meeting Tax and Superannuation obligations, the team at Austral Cloud Bookkeeping are available to help.

Kindest regards,

Chantal Adney

2013 Early Years Exhibition & Conference

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2013 Early Years Exhibition & Conference

After a week of recovering, here are the photos of the Early Years Exhibition & Conference! We had such a great time meeting new people and also familiar faces! We learnt about some great new products for the childcare industry and made some great contacts.

The exhibition gave us a chance to inform business owners about bookkeeping services in Sydney as well as new Xero accounting software.









Everyone enjoyed getting a chocolate or two!


And who would’ve thought that there would be a cash machine!!!



All in all it was a lot of fun and very informative weekend.

We look forward to continuing the relationships we made and if you missed us in the hustle and bustle, give us a call and get in touch with our friendly team.


The Austral Cloud Team

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Xero Accounting Integration with AustralCCMS

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Have you heard about Xero online accounting software?

It truly is beautiful and seamless!

There are a number of reasons why making the switch to Xero is a no brainer.

1. You know those piles of receipts that pile up waiting for you to input them into your software? Well guess what, Xero feeds them straight in to your software from the bank feeds! All you have to do is set a few rules on where the everyday items go and it will remember it for you for next time! So more than half the job is done for you, what a relief!receipts

2. There is no need to have a dedicated computer that the administrator sits at, because you can access Xero from wherever you are. As long as you have an electronic device i.e. Computer, Tablet, Smart phone etc. connected to the internet, you can access your financials and manage your business.

3. Manage your payables and receivables with ease using the dashboard tools. At a glance you can see what’s coming in, going out and what’s on loan! This keeps you on track and aware of the health of the bottom line.

xero_certified_smallSpeaking of the bottom line… If you would like to trial Xero, contact our friendly team where we can provide you with a demonstration and a trial login. If you decide to make the jump to the latest cloud based accounting package we will assist you in setting up your accounts and what’s more, you can have Xero for FREE until May 2013!

Don’t leave it too late, get in contact now to see how to increase your productivity and bottom line!


The Austral Cloud Bookkeepers 🙂