Austal Cloud Closed

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As of 1 July 2018 Austral Cloud has stopped offering Child Care software to Australia.
This decision was made due to the many changes to the Child Care Subsidy system that came into effect due to Government changes.  It was sad for us to close this software down after some 25 years of helping Child Care Services with their billing and meeting regulatory requirements.
All users have been given their “Data” and the web access portal has been closed.


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“Just wanted to say thank you so much for explaining this awesome new Multiple Entries Generator, makes sense now and makes my job a lot easier! I also love the way to mark absences by just clicking one button, you guys are awesome, you just keep making my work so much easier. Your program is so easy to use and so far I can confidently say it has saved me at least 4-6 hours of work.”

Susie Tohme

West Ryde Neighbourhood Childrens Centre


“Exactly what the funding body ordered. Thank you to you and to the individuals in the programming/IT dept for the speedy resolution of this problem.  Your company’s work is greatly appreciated.”

Cheers, Murray

Community Centre Swifts Creek



Austral Cloud CCMS overview

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If you are looking for CCMS Software, no look further! View our video to see what we can do for you to reduce administration time and increase accuracy.


Nanny Pilot Program and CCMS software

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The Australian Government is investing $246 million over two years for the Nanny Pilot Program.

The Nanny Pilot Program is about providing support to families who struggle to access child care services because they work non standard hours, or live in regional or remote areas or away from existing child care. The Nanny Pilot Program will provide subsidized care (nanny government rebate) for about 10,000 children to help families meet the cost of using a nanny. A registered nanny will enable a parent to receive a rebate.


Our Business Solution

Austral Cloud is about providing you with an affordable, market leading CCMS software business solution for Nanny Agencies that are included in the Nanny Pilot Program. We are the oldest registered nanny CCMS software provider and are leaders in technology advances and keeping ahead to provide you with the latest technology available.

Austral Cloud has been designed and built by child care operators with the belief that the most important aim starts with the care and education of our children. The only way to meet this is by having advanced technological business systems in place to ensure sound and reliable business practices in accordance with CCMS rules and regulations.
Austral Cloud is a leader in administration and nanny CCMS software systems where we incorporate the four fundamental areas of a childcare business:

  • Administration
  • CCMS Requirements
  • Tax Requirements
  • Accreditation Standards



Our aim is to provide you with a management system that makes running child care services easier. Qualities that include:

  • Built in High Accreditation Standards
  • Best practice in administration
  • Easy CCB handling
  • Multi-User, allowing you to access the software from more than one computer at a time, smart device friendly
  • Fully integrated Payment Gateway
  • Parent Portal with access to on-line wait-list and enrolments, also smart device friendly
  • Report Builder to create endless reports from your data
  • Cost Effective
  • Outstanding customer service!

The Nanny Pilot Program will run until 31 December 2017. An independent evaluation will take place throughout the pilot to help the Government develop future policy for care provided in the family home.


For more information see the following DSS Nanny Pilot Program Fact Sheet. and

Austral Nanny Pilot Program


XERO and Child Care Services

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XERO and Child Care Services now have a new quick Drop Off and Go zone!

Quicker than parents can kiss their kids goodbye…we can import all your Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Parent payments into XERO.


Keeping your accounts updated is easier than ever.

With two clicks, your XERO account can be updated  from AustralCloud’s Child care management system (Austral CCMS).

This function is FREE after an initial one-off set-up fee that includes 9 new banking rules to automate reconciliation.

Read more

7 Time Saving Tips using Cloud Services

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 Beat the Christmas Rush

poinsettia-clipart17  Time Saving Tips using Cloud Services    poinsettia-clipart1 

clock-iconOur number one Tip is to use an integrated Payment Gateway that updates the parent account without you having to do a thing. Some spend hours collecting and updating accounts when it should be less than half an hour.  Link to more info

clock-iconHave your tools on line so you can work at a time and place that suits you.

clock-iconEnsure your CCMS system is a true cloud based solution and not just a remote login that takes ages to connect and operate. True cloud solutions are working in real time and constantly talking to CCMS, Centrelink, and the bank to process your requests.

clock-iconCollect fees automatically. Set up a regular parent deduction that is integrated with CCMS so that it adjusts itself to the “Gap” caused by changes in CCB. This way the payment can be correct, saving you time by not having to make adjustments. Link to more info

clock-iconBecome EcoFriendly – Email all your parents their account and provide them with a login to get their own copies.

clock-iconUse an online Accounting system which will speed up your Bookkeeping and GST lodgement. If you have more than one entity, then Invoices/Payments will automatically be sent to the other company saving you time as they do not need to be retyped into another set of books.  Link to more info

clock-iconUse Online Payroll whereby you can pull up information or perform calculations quickly, have the system do the calculating for you so you can keep mistakes to a minimum, eliminates the need to hire an outside payroll service or to assign the task to one of your employees, have your system automatically updated as any changes occur, do your payroll from any site, have employees put in their own leave forms… there are so many more advantages to an online payroll system but perhaps the best one is all integrates with your bookkeeping system! Link to more info


small-colour                                                                             xero-logo-lowres-RGB

What you need to know about Payroll Tax

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Mark Channell, Director of Jigsaw Advisory, has a wealth of knowledge in the childcare industry and he shares with us the ins and outs of Payroll Tax.

It is that time of the year again, 2013 Payment Summaries are due, and quite often, what is overlooked is the business payroll tax liability. It is your responsibility to register for payroll tax, and if you do not, the consequences are considerable to your business.

What is payroll tax? It is a State Tax, imposed by each of the various States and or Territories. It includes, but not limited too… Wages, Directors Remunerations, Superannuation (both superannuation guarantee and salary sacrifice), Fringe Benefits Tax, allowances, ETP’s and even payments to sub contractors under relevant contracts. Certain exemptions / rebates do apply in relation to motor vehicle allowances and apprentices, and the liability is payable, either monthly or annually.

In each State / Territory, the payroll tax threshold varies, as does the rate of tax. Another couple of areas that need to be look at with care are:

  1. Grouping and a group can be constituted under 5 ways:
    1. Related entities
    2. Common employees
    3. Common control
    4. Tracing of interests – controlling interests
    5. Subsuming, where a larger group can be formed out of smaller groups.

The first three are the most common for SME’s however, have you reviewed your structure lately to make sure you have no hidden payroll tax liability

Are you aware of the Rebate Scheme (Jobs Action Plan)?

The Jobs Action Plan is a key priority of the NSW Government and is designed to give NSW businesses the incentive to employ new workers and expand their enterprises in both metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas. Under the plan, businesses that increase the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees receive a payroll tax rebate following the employment of each additional employee in a position that is a new job. To be eligible for the rebate scheme, you must be registered as an employer and paying payroll tax under the Payroll Tax Act 2007.

Jigsaw Advisory offers an up front, fixed fee pricing, where you, the client will know what the real cost is, not once the assignment has been completed and the nasty shock is delivered in the mail – The Accountant’s Invoice.

If you would like some more information on Payroll Tax or if you would like advice on Tax Accounting, Planning or Structuring please either email us @ or give us a call on 02 9955 2295 and speak to one of our friendly team at Jigsaw Advisory and quote this reference number ACB1308. We will assist you in connecting with your business and therefore to make your accounting and tax experience enjoyable.


Don’t get caught claiming too much $CCB from the CCMS!

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claim deniedAuditors are now looking at carrying out spot checks targeting attendance claims that have been incorrectly lodged or tampered with. It is really important to stay abreast of the rules and regulations set out by Deewr to save your service from having to pay back over claimed CCB. The service handbook is available at and it is recommended that a copy is available for all administrators for a go to guide.

The hot topic going around the industry is artificially inflating your fees then discounting after the Child Care Benefit (CCB) has been paid. This method has been carried out by a number of services across Australia and even some software providers have added it as a feature. Don’t fall in to this trap! Although it seems that you are doing the parents a favour, you may end up paying the price. Some services are inflating fees for parents who are claiming JETS/JFA so the service can get more CCB back.  If your service is picked to be audited, the auditor will check to see if the fees charged are the same for everyone (within your pricing structure) and if not, you will need to repay all the CCB incorrectly claimed.  This is a nightmare for Family Day Care services where the money has been given to the educator and the CCB needs to be clawed back the scheme operator then is out of pocket many thousands of dollars as the CCMS will take the money back out of your next CCB/CCR payment!

It is important to:-

  • Ensure you don’t discount after the CCB has been paid.  (Even if your software allows you too.)
  • Ensure you charge the same full time fee to all children in the same group (room).
  • In Family Day Care ensure the parents are paying the gap of the full fee less CCB or any other government benefit to the Educator

For more information on fee discounting, click the following link. CCMS Fact Sheet 14 – Fee discounting

If you find yourself in any of the above situations please call the CCMS help line on 1300 667 276 and ask them about how to apply the regulations correctly.

If you require further help or don’t feel confident in your CCMS lodgements, Austral Cloud provides a support line for those who are in a spot of bother. Click here to choose a package to suit your needs and lighten your load!

Payroll Summaries aka Group Certificates

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images2By now all of your employees should have their group certificates. If not it’s time to get on to that as they were due on the 14th of July. Once you have handed the group certificates out, you will have to send an Empdupe file to the ATO. The group certificates can be completed manually using forms provided from the ATO or electronically through you accounting or payroll system if it has the capability of doing so. Make sure that when you do your group certificates, that you include all of your employees, including those who left your business throughout the year.

You have a number of options when it comes to submitting your group certificate’s to the ATO and don’t worry, it’s not due until the 14th of August 2013. You can submit the paper forms through the post, burn the Empdupe file on to a CD, USB stick or on a floppy disk (if you still have the means to!), or you can lodge the file electronically through the ATO portal.

For more information go to

If you would like some help with your business obligations, Austral Cloud Bookkeeping can provide you with support services. This is a cost effective way to get the help when you need it from a registered bookkeeper and BAS agent. Click Here to find a support package that suits your needs or feel free to contact us on (02)9939 0990 or

Important changes in super contributions

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imagesDid you know that as of 1 of July 2013 the Super Guarantee amount changed from 9% to 9.25%? This is something that will generally be updated in your accounting or payroll package but you will need to double check that it actually has been updated. We have experienced a number of software programs that don’t update the amounts but also don’t inform you that it is a manual procedure. This is one of the reasons why we love Xero, it does it all automatically for you for no extra cost such as annual upgrade fee.

We were able to save a client $960 per annum and get them up to date, just by changing their payroll system from an outdated dedicated desktop system to a full online accounting package in Xero. They are still using their previous accounting package but use Xero for payroll. I can only imagine how many other business have been caught by the trap of using multiple software systems and paying those annual upgrade and backup fees when you can get a package that does the whole lot in one!

For more information on the changes to super go to

If you are interested in seeing if we can find a solution that updates your current systems, fits your business model and saves you money, contact us today on (02)9939 0990 or for an obligation free chat.