Choosing CCMS software

        Choosing the right CCMS Software for your service


When choosing CCMS software, make sure it is developed by software producers who have provided a declaration to the DSS (Department of Social Services) that the software has been tested against test scenarios that are provided by DSS, and agree to follow the CCMS IT Security Principles For Software Developers. Department of Social Services DSS

Software registration ensures that the software provider’s business practice software meets the Child Care Management System (CCMS) requirements, and that it effectively interfaces with the Department of Social Services (DSS) through the CCMS Service Provider Interface.

For information on the Software Registration process please go to the Department of Education website.

A list of registered CCMS software providers is available at CCMS Software Providers.

Software should always be purchased on the basis of independent advice and consideration.

Perhaps the first item to look at is – What are your needs?

  • Do you want a Web-based system or a locally hosted one?
  • Do you want a basic system or one that also meets your accounting and human resource requirements?
  • Price is perhaps the last item you should look at once you have a shortlist.

For  a look at the cost, available support and training, reporting and backup features, or for a hands-on trial of a software provider that has both a basic and a comprehensive package available please go to AustralCloud.