Child Care Enrolment Form

Parents can complete their Child Care Enrolment Form Online.  AustralCloud’s child care enrolment form template replaces the paper form, but keeps a copy of what was written on the form in the software program to use during enrolment. You can print this information out at any time.  This meets the Community Services requirements.  The great advantage is that the parent has typed in all the information for you improving accuracy and speed. The online child care enrolment form is used by all efficient child care management users to reduce paper waste and increase efficiencies.


How does it work

The parent clicks on a link from your web site or via an email you send them.   This takes them to the Parent Portal where they can complete their online Enrolment Form.

Once completed, the service receives an email to notify them of the new enrolment.

The service can view the enrolment form on our Austral CCMS system by clicking on the “eForms” Tab.  The service can modify, accept or reject the application.  You are in control.

The Parent Portal where the child care enrolment form is entered can be found here


What are the Benefits

  1. New parents can register via a simple website link.
  2. Parents can insert their own personal information, add new children and manage existing child data.
  3. Parents can add and manage their own emergency contacts.
  4. All information inserted in point 1, 2, 3 are immediately visible in AustralCloud.
  5. Parents can see and print their own Statement balance sheets, Security bond sheets and Payment schedules. Reports include all payments including CCB payments and fee reductions.
  6. Parents can fill in enrolments forms (eForms) for every child and service respectively (some questions are marked as mandatory and must be filled in for the form to be successfully saved). Parents can save a “draft” of the form and return to it later, until they are ready to submit the form.
  7. Parents can upload  documents such as Birth certificates, Immunisation Records and Allergy Plans.
  8. Parents can submit the form and until the service changes the state of  the online enrolment form, parents can still upload all documents linked with the enrolment form (e.g. add birth certificate).
  9. Child care service personnel are immediately alerted on the Austral CCMS screen when some special documents like “Action Plan For Anaphylaxis” “Asthma Action Plan” and  “Allergy+Intolerance Action Plan” are required (based on a ”Yes” answer) but were not uploaded with the eForm.
  10. Parents can see progress of every enrolment on the portal.
  11. All forms are visible in Austral CCMS “eForms” tab. Child care service personnel can see all online enrolment forms, download attached documents and manage progress of enrolment form applications.


You can add your own questions

If you have particular questions that you would like to included on the Enrolment Form, the enrolment form can be altered. There may be a charge for this depending on the extent of work involved).


How to get started

Contact Austral CCMS help desk for details.  Or call us on 1 300 651 765 or (02) 9939 0998.

They will set up your parent’s login access.  We will create your custom enrolment form, from your child care enrolment form template.

Next you send your parents the link to the Parent Portal.  In this link is a unique code that identifies you and your service.  In this way your customised childcare registration form with your terms and conditions are displayed and agreed upon.

Your enrolment form can be updated every year or sooner if you wish.


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