The Department of Social Services (DSS) describes the Child Care Management System(CCMS) as a national online computer system. All approved child care services are required by family assistance law to operate under the system.

Child care services use the Child Care Management System to record child enrolment and attendance information. They report this data to the Department of Social Services over the internet so the department can calculate fee reductions and pay services on behalf of eligible families.

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AustralCloud provides CCMS software for Early Learning Centres and meets all government requirements.

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Becoming a Child Care Benefit (CCB) approved service

If you wish to become a CCB approved child care service, you will need to contact your Department of Social Services state or territory office on 1300 653 227.

You will need to meet certain requirements in order to be granted CCB approval. For a list of requiremed documents click here 

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Start up assistance and general information

Information regarding start up grants is available in the Child Care Service Handbook. The handbook provides guidance and assistance to approved child care services operating under the CCMS.