CCMS Handbook – Child care Services Handbook

The CCMS handbook is the guide to all things CCMS.  It  is used by child care services that are registered with the government to claim Child Care Benefits(CCB), Child Care Rebate (CCR) and other government payments.  The CCMS handbook is a must for all DEEWR CCMS registered users.  It outlines many regulations. It outlines what is allowed to be claimed through your CCMS software.  Also how to report correctly through your selected CCMS registered software.  All new services need to understand what is involved in child care management and your opening hours effects your CCB claiming, especially in Family Day Care .

Click link to download- Word format- child_care_service_handbook_2012-13_final

CCMS handbook

CCMS handbook


Quick contacts. 10

What has changed?. 13

List of shortened forms. 14

Part 1       Policy and processes

1                  Australian Government Child Care Support. 16

2                  Types of service. 23

3                  Support for child care services. 34

4                  Operating a service. 44

5                  Compliance and accountability. 55

6                  Service delivery. 81

7                  National Quality Framework Overview.. 98

Part 2       Payments to families

8                  Overview.. 105

9                  Reporting Enrolment Information. 120

10               Reporting Attendance Information. 138

11               Calculation of fee reductions and payments to  services. 156

12               Management of debts and amounts to be recovered
from services. 189

13               Absences from child care. 192

14               Special Child Care Benefit. 203

15               Child Care Rebate. 229




Appendix 1:
Disclosure of child care service information  held by DEEWR. 236

Appendix 2:
Calculating Equivalent Full-Time (EFT) utilised places. 239

Appendix 3:        
Community Support Program –  payment rates for 2012-13
(effective 1 July 2012)241

Appendix 4:        
Child Care Payment Rates and Income Thresholds. 244

Glossary    246


CCMS – Introduction for New Services