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Administration of a Family Day Care Scheme(FDC)  is a very important task, that needs to be done  quickly and accurately.  At Austral Cloud we ensure you have access to the best, most simple to use CCMS software the market currently offers.

Austral CCMS looks after all stakeholders:

  1. The Operator of a Family Day Care Scheme.
  2. The Educator or Carer as previously known, who educates the children in their care.
  3. The Parents.

In Australia, FDC is well regulated and claims for Child Care Benefits (CCB) are processed through the Federal Governments CCMS computer system.  As a registered CCMS software provider Austral Cloud provides an online Cloud based solution called “Austral CCMS”.

Austral CCMS  provides a solution for the Scheme operator, and very importantly Educators and Parents.  Each can view information relevant to their specific needs and keeping with privacy laws, Educators can only access their individual parent information.


Choosing the right CCMS software

There are about 20 CCMS registered DEEWR companies. A limited few provide specific Family Day Care CCMS software. A list can be found here CCMS Software Registered suppliers.

Historically most software was the older data base style that was loaded onto a local PC and required the user to update it.    The most popular software, before CCMS was introduced in 2008, was “Harmony child Care Software” and a version called “Harmony light” for Carers .

Harmony still exists and according to its web site will bring out a “Web” version soon.

Austral CCMS, cloud based software, was created in 2008 when the Government changed to the newer web based technology.  As its name suggests it is a Cloud Base service provider with all the savings and ease of use that come with it. This includes an integrated easy to use payment gateway and CCB reconciling software.


Family Day Care Conference

At a FDC conference in Hobart recently it was obvious that a new approach was needed to improve efficiency in  the  administration of FDC schemes.  The old software did not update the Educators software (if they had it) until a week or more after CCMS had paid the CCB.  Accounting was slow, money collection was behind.  Our approach is that the Educators get real time access to CCB payment information and automatic update of accounts with our integrated payment gateway ensures money flow is up to date and accurate.

Recently the FDC sector has been de-regulated and now many new technologically advanced players are emerging who want new and improved tools for their administrators to use.


Is changing CCMS software hard?

It is easy to change to a cloud based software provider. You can continue to use your current system whilst trialing just one Educator and a few parents . This is the advantage of cloud based software. Austral Cloud can organise data transfer from your old provider if required.  Optional training can be done via Webinar or at your office. At Austral Cloud we like to keep things simple for you.

You can get started immediately with a free CCMS software trial.  Start Now Page.


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