7 Time Saving Tips using Cloud Services

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 Beat the Christmas Rush

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clock-iconOur number one Tip is to use an integrated Payment Gateway that updates the parent account without you having to do a thing. Some spend hours collecting and updating accounts when it should be less than half an hour.  Link to more info

clock-iconHave your tools on line so you can work at a time and place that suits you.

clock-iconEnsure your CCMS system is a true cloud based solution and not just a remote login that takes ages to connect and operate. True cloud solutions are working in real time and constantly talking to CCMS, Centrelink, and the bank to process your requests.

clock-iconCollect fees automatically. Set up a regular parent deduction that is integrated with CCMS so that it adjusts itself to the “Gap” caused by changes in CCB. This way the payment can be correct, saving you time by not having to make adjustments. Link to more info

clock-iconBecome EcoFriendly – Email all your parents their account and provide them with a login to get their own copies.

clock-iconUse an online Accounting system which will speed up your Bookkeeping and GST lodgement. If you have more than one entity, then Invoices/Payments will automatically be sent to the other company saving you time as they do not need to be retyped into another set of books.  Link to more info

clock-iconUse Online Payroll whereby you can pull up information or perform calculations quickly, have the system do the calculating for you so you can keep mistakes to a minimum, eliminates the need to hire an outside payroll service or to assign the task to one of your employees, have your system automatically updated as any changes occur, do your payroll from any site, have employees put in their own leave forms… there are so many more advantages to an online payroll system but perhaps the best one is all integrates with your bookkeeping system! Link to more info


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